About The Qualifier

To qualify for the Dubai CrossFit® Championship Finals all athletes must complete the five-week CrossFit Open online competition. Further, athletes must register for the Dubai CrossFit Championship Online Qualifiers by October 14, 2019. The workouts and scores for the CrossFit Open will be the same as those for the DCC Online Qualifier. Score and video must be submitted weekly to Dubai CrossFit® Championship. YouTube videos should be unlisted to avoid unauthorized views.

The Dubai CrossFit® Championship Finals will host thirty male, thirty female athletes and 10 teams that successfully complete the online qualifier.

Special qualification opportunity: The male and female winner of 2019 CrossFit Games workout sponsored by DCC will automatically qualify for the Dubai CrossFit Championships scheduled for December 11-14th, 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Qualifiers :
  • The teams and their rosters are established during registration for the qualifiers.
  • Workouts are programmed so that each team member can perform the workouts independently but will submit their collective score for each team workout to establish their team score.
  • The team captain is responsible for collecting and submitting the team score before the designated deadline.
Enforced by a rulebook :
  • You may substitute a team member up until the score submission deadline of 19.1. The score for 19.1 must reflect the current team roster.
  • No substitutes may be made after 19.1 is closed, if the original team is unable to submit a team score after 19.1, the team is officially out of contention.
  • If the team qualifies and is invited to the Finals, the team will advance with the original team roster.
  • An individual may participate either as an Individual Athlete or part of a Team during the qualifiers, but not both.
Finals :
  • If a team member is unable to participate at the finals, the team is officially out of contention.

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