In order to qualify for The Dubai CrossFit® Championships Finals, every athlete must complete five online qualifier workouts and follow the CrossFit Games Rulebook and Drug Testing Policy for the open.

The Dubai CrossFit® Championship Finals will host thirty male, thirty female athletes and 10 teams that successfully complete the online qualifier.

The male and female winner of 2019 CrossFit Games workout sponsored by DCC will automatically qualify for the Dubai CrossFit Championships scheduled for December 11-14th, 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Flights and hotel included)

There are four steps to submitting your score for the online qualifiers.

  1. Log In to with the email address you used to register.
  2. Select the workout
  3. Enter Your Score and Video Link
  4. Click Submit Score

Once you submit your score, your judge will receive an email asking them to validate your score.

For more details, click here

Videos that show a discrepancy between the score submitted and the score actually shown in the video will undergo the following penalties:

  • In a ‘For Time’ situation: Every no rep that is counted will add five seconds to the score.
  • In an ‘AMRAP’ situation: Every no rep that is counted will be deducted from the score.
  • If more than five no reps are counted within a workout, the score will be invalid and the athlete will receive a zero.
  • Qualifier scores will be based on The Open format, 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, and so on.

During score submission athlete’s must provide the email address of their Affiliate Head Coach to validate their scores online. Please ensure that you provide the correct email address. Only Affiliate Head Coaches have the authority to accept or reject a score.

The Affliate Head Coach has 3 days from the deadline to validate your score.

Scores that have not been validated will appear on the leaderboard as unofficial and notated with an asterisk and may be removed after the deadline.

A video is required for every submission. Plan ahead to avoid delays that may prevent you from meeting the deadline.

Best method is to use Google Drive or Dropbox to avoid any copyright issues associated with background music.

We accept video links from Daily Motion, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or Microsoft Drive. If you are uploading a video that is longer than 15 minutes to YouTube, you must increase your limit. Read more here

Yes, athletes are allowed to repeat the workout as many times as they’d like, as long as it’s done within the deadlines specified. Athletes can also change their scores if they wish to improve on their previous result. However, every time a new score is entered, it must be verified by the Head Coach to be considered.

Athletes with scores that have been altered after review from The DCC Staff will be contacted via email with details regarding this alteration. The decision made by the DCC Staff is final and no further alterations will be made once the final DCC Leaderboard has been published.

If you completed all the online qualifiers, your qualifier registration may be used as your admission as a spectator.

Each athlete is solely responsible for ensuring to secure all required travel documents and visas to travel according to UAE Law. For more information please visit Traveling to Dubai Visa Information.

If you are experiencing any difficulty submitting your score and video, please email

In case you haven't found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.

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